Arabic 5401

Arabic and English writing

Translation: Theory and Practice

Dr. Johanna Sellman

This course put the practice of Arabic-English translation in conversation with the field of translation studies, especially as it pertains to the Arabic language. One of our weekly meetings will serve as a workshop where students share, discuss, and revise their own translations in a collaborative and supportive environment. We will experiment with different texts and approaches to translation and eventually select our own translation projects. In addition, we will read and discuss foundational texts in the field of translation studies on topics such as translatability, fidelity, the role of the translator, and audience. The field of translation studies has increasingly emphasized the political and ethical dimensions of translation; in this course, we will consider a number of different Arabic language contexts where translation has become a rich site of meaning. Students will choose individual translation projects that are appropriate to their level. 

Fall 2021
Class time & Location: 11:10-12:30 W/F - Class # 22804/22980