Language Testing


Arabic and Hebrew language exams are available through the Center for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.  More details of the Arabic and Hebrew exams are on the CLLC website at

Students wishing to complete tests in Gujarati, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu can complete paper exams in the Department of Near Eastern Languages, and Cultures office in Hagerty 300.  Paper exams are available only by appointment, through

Language exams are used to place students in language coursework, to evaluate transfer language coursework, and to verify language competency for graduate students in other departments. All transfer language coursework in Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, and Uzbek must be evaluated by examination.

Students may also use these examinations to request Validation of their GE foreign language requirement as well as EM Credit (credit by examination) for NELC languages.  (Students receive Validation in languages of which they are native speakers and EM Credit in languages for which they are not.)  Students should consult with their College of enrollment for specific information on General Education requirements and the Center for Languages, Literatures, & Cultures (CLLC) for more information about Language Testing.