Hebrew/JEWSHST 3704


Women in the Bible and Beyond

Dr. Naomi Brenner

From Eve to Deborah and from Rebecca to Delilah, this course examines the adventures, history, legal status and cultural transformations of women during biblical times and beyond.  How have writers and readers found new meanings in these characters and narratives from the Hebrew Bible to the present day? Why do so many people, from religious scholars to artists to contemporary thinkers, keep coming back to women like Rachel, Miriam, and Ruth? We will begin with the Hebrew Bible, but we will also analyze a wide variety of texts and visual images from ancient to modern times. This class will be taught asynchronously online. There will be no set meeting times, but there will be a variety of opportunities to interact with the professor and other students online.

Spring 2021
Class time & Location: Online- Class # 33221/33219

GE Literature, GE Diversity: Global Studies