Picture for alaybani.1

Rasmyah Alaybani
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for anthony.288

Sean Anthony
Associate Professor
  • Early Islam & Late Antiquity
  • Islamic Thought
  • Classical Arabic Literature

Picture for atanassova.1

Geri Atanassova
Lecturer, Arabic Language

Picture for azimova.2

Kamola Azimova
Lecturer, Uzbek Language

Picture for bekcioglu.1

Bulent Bekcioglu
Lecturer, Turkish Language

Picture for beyl.1

Tommy Beyl
Undergraduate Student Advisor
(614) 292-8485

Picture for biggerstaff.4

Michael Biggerstaff
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Ancient Near East
  • Human-Divine Interaction

Picture for rudavsky-brody.2

Miriam R. Bourgeois
Ph.D. Candidate

Picture for brenner.108

Naomi Brenner
Associate Professor
  • Modern Hebrew Literature and...
  • Literary Multilingualism and...
  • Modern Yiddish Literature and...

Picture for buzov.1

Snjezana Buzov
Affiliated Scholar
  • Ottoman Studies
  • Turkish
  • Manuscript Cultures

Picture for cavus.2

Yeliz Cavus
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Late Ottoman and Early Republican...
  • History of Modern Central Asia
  • Intellectual and Cultural History

Picture for el-sherbini.1

Magda El-Sherbini
Professor/ Middle East and Islamic...

Picture for estiri.1

Ehsan Estiri
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Anthropology of the Middle East
  • Folklore Theory
  • The Middle East and the Media

Picture for frank.152

Daniel Frank
Associate Professor
  • Medieval Jewish history
  • Bible
  • Judeo-Arabic

Picture for golan.11

Galit Golan
Lecturer & Hebrew Language Program...
(614) 292-5378

Picture for jorati.2

Hadi Jorati
Assistant Professor
  • Islamic Iran and Persianate...
  • The Sciences in Islamic Traditions
  • Classical Arabic and Persian...

Picture for kamalisarvestani.1

Mehrak Kamalisarvestani
Lecturer & Persian Language...
(614) 247-8319

Picture for labaki.5

Marie-Therese Labaki
Senior Lecturer & Arabic Language...
(614) 247-8319

Picture for liu.246

David Liu
Fiscal & Human Resources Associate

Picture for liu.737

Morgan Liu
Associate Professor & Interim Chair
  • Ethnographic approaches to cities...
  • Anthropology of the state,...
  • Oil and energy industries in...

Picture for meier.3

Sam Arthur Meier
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Ancient Semitic languages &...
  • Comparative Semitic Linguistics

Picture for nagar.5

Ila Nagar
Assistant Professor
  • Sociolinguistics, ethnography
  • Language, gender, and sexuality
  • Hindi pedagogy

Picture for schoon.2

Danielle V. Schoon

Picture for sellman.13

Johanna Sellman
Assistant Professor
  • Contemporary Arabic literature
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Translation Studies

Picture for shahrani.1

Shahreena Shahrani
Lecturer, Arabic Language

Picture for smith.12199

Jeremie Smith
Academic Program Coordinator
(614) 688-4182

Picture for snow.208

Kelly Snow
Fiscal & Human Resources Manager

Picture for swartz.69

Michael D. Swartz
  • Judaism & Late Antiquity
  • Rabbinic Studies
  • Magic & Ritual

Picture for tanenbaum.8

Adena Tanenbaum
Associate Professor
  • Philosophical themes in Hebrew...
  • Medieval Jewish intellectual...

Picture for vanzile.3

Matthew Van Zile
Ph.D. Student
  • Rabbinic Exegesis
  • Hebrew Literature in Antiquity
  • Jewish Apocalyptic Traditions

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Professor Emeritus
  • Folkloristics (esp. Résistance...
  • Ethnography (esp. Social Capital)
  • Colonial/Contemporary North Africa

Picture for young.2278

Nathan Young
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Modern Turkish
  • Turkish Folklore and Village Life
  • Turkic Central Asia

Picture for zeidan.1

Joseph Zeidan
Professor Emeritus
  • Modern Arabic Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Feminist theory