Turkish 2241


Beyond Harems and Belly Dancers: Turkish Culture
Virtual Education Abroad in Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Danielle V. Schoon

An introduction to Turkish Culture, this online course offers virtual visits to important sites and opportunities to learn the basics of the Turkish language, cook Turkish food, listen to Turkish music, learn from Turkish scholars and artists, and more. Students will have the opportunity to develop a creative final project, such as creating a short film, cooking a Turkish meal, or delving into a particular Turkish art form. Education abroad is proven to benefit undergraduates by broadening their perspectives, developing their intercultural competence, and contributing to their career opportunities. However, due to the pandemic, traveling abroad is difficult if not impossible. OSU students are also unable to visit Turkey right now due to security concerns. This virtual education abroad program promises to deliver many of the benefits of education abroad as an intensive program with direct synchronous instruction, including online interactions with people in Turkey. This course is a Summer 4-Week Session 1 course.

Summer 2021 - 4-Week Session 1 (May 12-June 7)
Class # 22651 - Online
MWF 9:50-11:25

GE Cultures and Ideas, GE Diversity: Global Studies