Summer 2020 Courses


Arabic 1101   -   Arabic 1103  

With the Covid-19 pandemic limiting OSU summer instruction to online courses, the NELC Department will offer the following summer 2020 course schedule. Both courses will be conducted through online instruction.

Summer 8-week Session 2 Classes: June 9, 2020 - July 31, 2020)

Arabic calligraphy

Arabic 1101 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
Dr. Shahreena Shahrani
Class # 22385
This course focuses on developing the ability to use Arabic functionally and communicatively in context, intensive oral interaction with instructor and fellow students, and the basics of the writing system. Open to all students!  GE Foreign Language course


arabic letters on the wall

Arabic 1103 - Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I
Dr. Gergana Atanassova
Class # 22386

Building on previously acquired functional abilities; using Arabic to express opinion and feelings; oral interaction in the classroom; reading authentic texts or various genres.  prerequisite: 1102, or placement exam. GE Foreign Language course