Arabic 3702

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Place, Space, and Migration in Arabic Literature and Film

Dr. Johanna Sellman

This course on modern Arabic literature and film in translation focuses on questions of belonging, relationship to space, and migration. It examines how Arabic literary narratives, films, documentaries, and other arts have imagined modes of belonging to spaces such as cities and nations, the natural world (and even the universe!) from the early postcolonial period to the present. These questions are particularly foregrounded in narratives that focus on migration, borders, minoritized identities, and the environment. We will analyze a variety of narratives, from short stories and novels to documentaries and graphic novels from different Arabic speaking regions and diasporas. Taught in English. Class meets once a week online (synchronously) and the rest of the work is asynchronous.

Spring 2021
Class time & Location: 11:10-12:30 F - Class # 34817 - Online

GE Literature, GE Diversity: Global Studies