NELC Welcomes New Associate Professor, Ahmad Al-Jallad

August 16, 2018
Ahmad al-Jallad

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures is excited to welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. Ahmad Al-Jallad, M. S. Sofia Chair in Arabic Studies. 

Ahmad Al-Jallad is a philologist, epigraphist, and historian of language. His work focuses on the languages and writing systems of pre-Islamic Arabia and the ancient Near East. He has authored and edited four books and nearly thirty articles on the early history of Arabic, language classification, North Arabian and Arabic epigraphy, and historical Semitic linguistics.

The M. S. Sofia Chair was established June 1, 1990, with gifts from Zuheir Sofia. The income is used to support a distinguished scholar whose professional activities and academic credentials will contribute to the development of a greater understanding and awareness of Arabic language, culture, heritage and literature; the dissemination of such knowledge in both the academy and the community; and the training of pre-collegiate teachers and university professors to integrate Arabic language, literature and cultural components into their respective curricula and programs.