JEWSHST/History 2475

German Street Scene 1930s

History of the Holocaust

Dr. Judd

Despite the fact that it has been over seventy years since the Allies liberated the last of the Nazi camps, we continue to debate the Holocaust’s history.  How did the Nazis rise to power? When did the Nazi government begin to plan for the Final Solution? Who was culpable in planning and executing the genocide?  This course will peel away at some of these questions. Together we will examine the state-sponsored murder of millions of Jews and non-Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II.  We will study the individuals, institutions, historical events, and ideologies that allowed for the Holocaust to occur; all the while we will be paying attention to what we mean by “the Holocaust.”   

Spring 2021
Class time & Location: 11:10-12:30 TWRF - Class # 29701/29949 - Online