Hebrew 2241/JEWSHST 2242


Culture of Contemporary Israel

Dr. Adena Tanenbaum

Are you interested in contemporary Israeli culture in all of its social, cultural, religious and political diversity? In this multi-disciplinary course we will explore music, dance, poetry, and archaeology; responses to founding ideals and ideologies of the State; the impact of the Arab-Israeli conflict; questions of ethnicity and efforts to absorb immigrants from over 100 different countries; as well as the roles of religion and secularism in Israeli society. Assignments will draw on a broad range of material, including Israeli media, films, and YouTube clips. Students will participate actively with a variety of presentations, summaries, and discussions. The course will be both asynchronous and synchronous.

Spring 2021
Class time & Location: 2nd Session 12:45-2:05 M/W - Online - Class # 36434/36435

GE cultures and ideas and diversity global studies