Picture for al-jallad.1

Ahmad Al-Jallad
Sofia Chair in Arabic Studies, Associate Professor
  • Arabian Epigraphy
  • History of Arabic Language
  • Semitic Linguistics

Picture for alaybani.1

Rasmyah Alaybani
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Modern Arabic thought, literature, and language
  • Arab women’s representation agency
  • Cultural Studies

Picture for anderson.2299

Roger Anderson
  • Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
  • Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Investment
  • Service Learning

Picture for anthony.288

Sean Anthony
Associate Professor
  • Early Islam & Late Antiquity
  • Islamic Thought
  • Classical Arabic Literature

Picture for atanassova.1

Geri Atanassova
Lecturer, Arabic Language

Picture for azimova.2

Kamola Azimova
Lecturer, Uzbek Language

Picture for batarseh.3

Benjamin Batarseh
Graduate Student
  • Arabic Language
  • Translation Studies
  • International Affairs

Picture for bekcioglu.1

Bulent Bekcioglu
Lecturer, Turkish Language

Picture for beyl.1

Tommy Beyl
Undergraduate Student Advisor
(614) 292-8485

Picture for biggerstaff.4

Michael Biggerstaff
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Ancient Near East
  • Prophecy in the Ancient World

Picture for bourgeois.31

Miriam R. Bourgeois
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Palestinian history and literature
  • Israeli and Zionist history and literature
  • Historical & Modern Hebrew thought, literature, and language

Picture for brenner.108

Naomi Brenner
Associate Professor
  • Modern Hebrew Literature and Culture
  • Literary Multilingualism and Translation
  • Modern Yiddish Literature and Culture


Bradley Brincka
Graduate Student
  • Iraqi ethno-religious minorities
  • Arabic Language

Picture for buzov.1

Snjezana Buzov
Affiliated Scholar
  • Ottoman Studies
  • Turkish
  • Manuscript Cultures

Picture for cavus.2

Yeliz Cavus
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkish History
  • History of Modern Central Asia
  • Intellectual and Cultural History


Dipak Chaurasiya
  • Hindi Language
  • Hindi Literature
  • Indian Cultures

Picture for el-sherbini.1

Magda El-Sherbini
Middle East and Islamic Studies Librarian
  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
  • Turkish Studies
  • Global Information Society

Picture for estiri.1

Ehsan Estiri
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Anthropology of the Middle East
  • Folklore Theory
  • The Middle East and the Media

Picture for frank.152

Daniel Frank
Associate Professor
  • Medieval Jewish history
  • Bible
  • Judeo-Arabic

Picture for golan.11

Galit Golan
Lecturer & Hebrew Language Program Coordinator
(614) 292-5378

Picture for harless.47

Kelly Harless
Fiscal & Human Resources Manager

Picture for holub.5

Robert C. Holub
Ohio Eminent Scholar, Professor, and Interim Department Chair
  • Heine, Nietzsche, Habermas
  • 19th & 20th century literary and intellectual history

Picture for JARJOUR.5

Donna Jarjour
Graduate Student
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Akkadian
  • Ancient Near East

Picture for jorati.2

Hadi Jorati
Assistant Professor
  • Islamic Iran and Persianate Cultures
  • The Sciences in Islamic Traditions
  • Classical Arabic and Persian Historiography

Picture for kamalisarvestani.1

Mehrak Kamali
Lecturer & Persian Language Program Coordinator
  • Persian Langauge
  • Persian Literature
  • Contemporary Iranian Society

Picture for labaki.5

Marie-Therese Labaki
Senior Lecturer & Arabic Language Program Coordinator

Picture for liu.246

David Liu
Fiscal & Human Resources Associate

Picture for liu.737

Morgan Liu
Associate Professor
  • Ethnographic approaches to cities, space, materiality, compl
  • Anthropology of the state, postsocialism, neoliberalism
  • Oil and energy industries in Central Asia & Azerbaijan

Picture for marquaire.1

Céline Marquaire
  • Near Eastern Archaeology and History of Art
  • Water Management in Ancient Arabia
  • Near Eastern Fortifications in Antiquity

Picture for meier.3

Sam Arthur Meier
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Ancient Semitic languages & texts
  • Comparative Semitic Linguistics

Picture for nagar.5

Ila Nagar
Assistant Professor
  • Sociolinguistics, ethnography, language variation and change
  • Language, gender, and sexuality
  • South Asia Studies and Hindi pedagogy


Sarah Schellinger
Visiting Scholar
  • Egyptian Art and Archaeology
  • Napatan and Meroitic societies
  • Nubian Art and Archeology

Picture for schoon.2

Danielle V. Schoon
  • Turkish Studies
  • Romani Studies
  • Performance Studies

Picture for sellman.13

Johanna Sellman
Assistant Professor
  • Contemporary Arabic literature
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Translation Studies

Picture for shahrani.1

Shahreena Shahrani
Lecturer, Arabic Language
  • Ethnography of youth urban life in the Arab World
  • Classical and Modern Arabic popular narratives
  • Ethnographic approaches to popular narratives

Picture for smith.12199

Jeremie Smith
Academic Program Coordinator
(614) 688-4182
  • Curriculum Development
  • Program Administration
  • Learning Technologies

Picture for swartz.69

Michael D. Swartz
  • Judaism & Late Antiquity
  • Rabbinic Studies
  • Magic & Ritual

Picture for tanenbaum.8

Adena Tanenbaum
Associate Professor
  • Philosophical themes in Hebrew poetry from Spain
  • Medieval Jewish intellectual history

Picture for tice.36

Philip Tice
Graduate Student
  • Spanish and Arabic Languages
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Security Cooperation

Picture for webber.1

Sabra Webber
Professor Emeritus
  • Folkloristics (esp. Résistance Arts)
  • Ethnography (esp. Social Capital)
  • Colonial/Contemporary North Africa

Picture for young.2278

Nathan Young
Ph.D. Candidate
  • Anthropology and Folklore of Turkey
  • Nostalgia in Turkey; Village-Urban Dynamics
  • Turkish Language

Picture for zeidan.1

Joseph Zeidan
Professor Emeritus
  • Modern Arabic Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Feminist theory