Turkish 3350

Turkey protesters

Contemporary Turkey

Dr. Danielle V. Schoon

A multi-disciplinary introduction to contemporary issues in Turkey. Our understanding of current events will be grounded in deep historical and geographic analyses, informed by both local and global dynamics. The second half of the class focuses on political, economic, and social issues from the 1980 coup d’état up to today. This will help us contextualize the ongoing civil war with the Kurds, the Syrian migration, the AK Party’s censorship of journalists and academics, the Occupy Gezi movement, the failed coup attempt and shifting relations with the Gülen (Hizmet) movement. The course includes explorations into how these dynamics are manifested and contested in the visual and performing arts, particularly within youth and social movements.

Fall 2021
Class time & Location: 2:20-3:40 T/R - ONLINE - Class # 34222

GE Social Science: Individual and Groups and Diversity Global Studies course.