NELC 5103



A rock that have writing on it

NELC 5103 Grammar of Selected Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jallad 

This course will introduce students to the pre-Islamic languages and writing traditions of North and Central Arabia, focusing on Dadanitic and Safaitic. The course will also offer brief introductions to Taymanitic, Dumaitic, Hismaic, and the Thamudic corpus, providing students with a global view of Ancient North Arabian epigraphy and related linguistic, historical, archaeological and cultural issues. Students will learn to document and analyze texts, as well as how to prepare an edition of inscriptions and incorporate these data into historical and linguistic research. If you are an advanced student interested in the history, religion, language, and culture of pre-Islamic Arabia, you must take this course

Fall 2020

Class time & location: M 4:15pm-7:00pm - class #36677/36678