ISLAM 3501

Boy reading the Quran

Intro to Islam

Sean Anthony

How did Islam emerge? What do the available inside (Arabic) and outside (Syriac, Greek, etc.) sources tell about it? And how did it develop over centuries?

The purpose of this course is to provide an introductory survey of some of the central premises of Islamic beliefs and practices. Drawing upon different types of sources (written and visual), the course discusses the development of Islam as a religion and as a system of belief as well as its growth into a multi-faceted and rich culture and civilization that contributed significantly to the currents of world civilization. We will highlight, for example, the development of major Islamic sects, institutions, and schools of thought. The course is broad in scope and introductory in level.

Fall 2021
Class time & Location: 2:20-3:40 T/R - Class # 23719 

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