Turkish 3350



Turkish protesting

Turkish 3350 Contemporary Issues in Turkey 

Dr. Danielle V. Schoon

Ongoing civil war with the Kurds...massive Syrian migration...censorship of journalists and academics... a failed coup attempt...arapidly declining economy... What is going on in Turkey today, and what impacts do these events have on the world?This course will help us evaluate and contextualize current events in and related to Turkey as they have been shaped by local and global dynamics. We will follow the news from Turkey as events unfold in real time, and ground our understandingin deep historical and geographic analyses.Along with academic texts, we will make use of social media, film, music, and hands on experiences. Students may pursue a final project shaped by their own interests.

Spring 2020
Class time & Location: 11:10-12:30 MW - Hagerty Hall 306
Class # 28986
GE Cultures and Ideas, GE Diversity: Global Studies