NELC 3230

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NELC 3230 Introduction to Shi'iBeliefs and History

Dr. Hekmet Dirbas

This course explores the history, doctrinal tenets, and social manifestations of Shi'ism within Islam and in the context of Islamic civilization. Much has been said about the Shi‘i-Sunni divide in Islam, as the biggest source of rivalry in the Islamic World today. The news is filled with reports on sectarian conflicts and Shi'i Sunni rivalry all across the Middle East these days. But what is Shi‘ism, and who are the Shi'i Muslims? How do they differ from other Muslims and how did they come about? Find out more about the history of development of Shi'ism in this course, from its roots in early Islam, and the fascinating ways it developed into the modern period.

Spring 2020
Class time & Location: 2:20-3:40 T/R - Journalism Bldg 304
Class # 32674