NELC 3201

two woman protesting

NELC 3201 Muslims in Americaand Europe: Migration and Living Between Worlds

Dr. Morgan Liu

A multi-disciplinary introduction to Muslim diasporic communities in western countries.  It considers historical and structural forces driving migration and settlement; and personal negotiations of cultures, identities, and experiences.  Course themes include the conditions for overseas mobility and migration; understanding culture, values, and cultural differences; understanding Islamic belief and practice; tensions between traditions and modern life; considering whether America is (or should be) a melting pot or multicultural society; the importance of (extended) family and generations; ideas about authority and freedom; the meanings of citizenship and national belonging; migration and refugees as a global problem; explaining Islamic radicalism.

Spring 2020
Class time & Location: 12:45-2:05 W/F - Cockins Hall 232
Class # 32672
GE Diversity: Social Diversity in the US, GE Social Science: Individuals and Groups