NELC 2241


NELC 2241 The Middle East Close-Up: People, Cultures, Societies

Dr. Danielle V. Schoon

This course provides an ethnographic overview of the "Culture" and cultures of the contemporary Middle East. It is designed to increase student knowledge and awareness about the Middle East in regard to its cultural, social, political and religious institutions. The history of the region is examined as background to developing a more thorough understanding of the contemporary Middle East as represented by its villages, towns, and cities. This is also a course in the comparative study of culture, addressing essential questions in the study of societies located within a single regional context which are informed by different cultural traditions. We'll get acquainted with the region through readings, films, and other course materials that provide fascinating windows into the Middle East " close-up".

Spring 2020
Class time & Location: 11:10-12:30 T/R - Evans Lab 2004
Class # 28274