Arabic 2241

middle east flags and map

Arabic 2241 Contemporary Arab Cultures

Dr. Hekmet Dirbas

This course provides a general overview of the evolution of nationalistic ideas in the Arab world and how they have shaped the cultural scene and lifestyle. We will explore, for example, cross-regional (Arab nationalism) and territorial and sub-territorial (Pharaonism, Phoenicianism, and Syrian nationalism) movements in terms of emergence, culmination, and decline. Which impact did these movements have on the concept of language (Modern Standard Arabic and vernaculars), literature (poetry and prose), music, cinema, and arts? Which discourses did they develop regarding history, ancient and Islamic?

Spring 2020
Class time & Location: 12:45-2:05 T/R - Knowlton Hall 190
Class # 32668    
GE Cultures and Ideas, GE Diversity: Global Studies