Arabic 2241

arabic writing

Contemporary Arab Cultures: Arts, Mass Media, Society

Dr. Johanna Sellman

This online course explores the intersecting political, artistic, and intellectual currents and practices that have shaped contemporary Arab cultures. It is organized as a survey of different cultural phenomena in the Arabic speaking region and Arab diasporas including: the Arabic language and its varieties, music, poetry, television & cinema, and migration. We will critically examine various meanings of the term “culture” and appreciate the diversity of ways that Arab cultures are defined. This course takes an active learning approach; we will cultivate a learning community that supports the dignity and intellectual development of each member and the whole. Taught in English. Class meets once a week online (synchronously) and the rest of the work is asynchronous.

Spring 2021
Class time & Location: 9:35-10:55 F - Class # 29185 - Online    
GE Cultures and Ideas, GE Diversity: Global Studies